Our Eye Examination Experience

Our Eye Examination Experience








The eye examination at our clinic generally will include the following:

  • Vision tests
  • Eye power check by our qualified Optometrists
  • Slit lamp microscope examination
  • Eye pressure tests
  • Pupil dilatation for examination of the back of the eye

Other more detailed investigations such as the following may be ordered by our Doctor:

  • Visual Field Examination
  • Photography of any part of the eye
  • OCT imaging of the nerve, the nerve fiber layer or the retina
  • High resolution imaging of the cells at the front of the eye
  • Muscle Balance testing

 Please bring with you:

  • Identity card, passport, birth certificate or FIN card
  • Current eye drops(if any)
  • Current spectacles
  • Sunglasses (to protect against glare and UV light if your pupils are dilated which may last up to 6 hours)
  • Referral letter (if any)
  • Insurance card/letter (if any)

If you have any further enquiries about the eye examination process, please feel free to contact us.